Hair Fair 2018 VIP Early Access Raffle




The raffle starts 3rd September and ends 13th September with a fresh new drawing every day. Prizes will be two tickets for the winner and a friend to get early access to Hair Fair 2018 on the 21st September.

To enter is a two-teleport process:

  1. Teleport to one of the participating stores and click the ticket dispenser (as shown) and get a folder containing a ticket a landmark, and info notecard/
  2. Teleport using that landmark, wear the ticket and click the entry terminal. If you happen to get distracted by wonderful hair and items on the way, well that is just more fun for you.

At the end of each Second Life day, we will list two winners on this website and a new draw will commence. You can enter a new draw each day just teleport to a different store, grab a new raffle ticket, wear it, teleport using the landmark and submit your entry at the raffle machine. It is that easy! Just remember you cannot use tickets more than once, and you cannot get a new ticket from a store you previously visited.

If you have any questions please contact Sasy Scarborough.

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